The night of Amelia’s first birthday we decided to celebrate with some fireworks and star gazing. the absolute number one reason I love our home is the fact that we can see a full sky of stars each and every night. It is beautiful, especially on crisp, chilly autumn nights.


Zack surprised us with sparklers!!!


^ ^ Above is Penelope’s handy work. I held my breath the entire time.


We saw three airplanes fly by. In a setting purely light by the moon, airplanes are so so magical.


The Moon. It was actually pitch black when this was taken, but holding the shutter open as a cloud passed let in so much light.


Amelia giggled every time a firework was set off. Daddy’s girl. I was squeezing her safely in my arms the entire time! Thanks for the idea, Zack!! Same time next year?

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