I think it is safe to say Miss Rae had a terrific first birthday!


There wasn’t really a “theme, but I still managed to have fun making decorations, and Miss P sure was a big helper!!


We made “pie fries,” which is usually made with crust scraps, but someone brought pies, so I had four whole crusts to use up, so we had a lot of cinnamon sugar fries to snack on. (Baked at 300 for 15 minutes)


It was a perfect day!! The weather could not have been nicer, kids could not have been happier, and all of the food turned out well!


Is there anything more precious than a little lady and her great-grandma??

Nope. I can’t think of anything…


I made my lactose intolerant lady some mini apple pies. I cut small apples into rings, peeled them,and then  cut circles from dough using mason jar lids, then baked them for 45 minutes at 300 degrees.


She liked them!! Hooray!!


After the celebrating calmed down, the kids played and played and played some more.


Cousins are the best!


Amelia found a bowl of apples. She is nuts about apples. If you want  to see her get down right giddy, present her with an apple. 

Thank you so so much to everyone who showed up, and to everyone who wished her a happy day!

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