Dear sweet Miss Rae,

Tomorrow you are turning one.  I know, oh how I know, I will blink and you will be sixteen, I’ll blink again and we will be celebrating your fiftieth. Those days will mean so so much to your Daddy and I. An arrow (of joy!) piercing our hearts just as sharply as it does today.

This particular milestone of yours is special in its own way.

We lost Jack two years and one month from this very day.  I can’t help but to see Jack in you. I wonder, as I watch you play, how much the two of you are alike. I know the Lord has a plan. How blessed we are to know you are in ours.

We will have our time with Jack. Time that was not meant to be spent here. I don’t know what we would do without you. You are part of my soul. I hope and plea with the Lord that I will cherish you properly each day and let you know your worth.

You are my heart. You know how to make me feel as though I can conquer the world with just a glance. Just a grin. Just a simple nuzzle.

You are significant.

You are a tease, making sure only to acknowledge Mama’s neck bending attempts to get even the teensiest of smooches from you. When you do decide to humor my pleas, you plant big open mouth kisses right on my lips, stretch an enormous grin upon your face, and close your performance with a round of applause for yourself.

I pray someday you will see yourself as I see you.

You are loved Rae. Loved with the deepest, heaviest love my human heart can offer. You and Penelope p u s h me to break the boundaries of this love each day.

You have wind in your sails.

You will surely be a force to be reckoned with.

You are a mover and a shaker.

You are a one woman stampede.

You are a snuggle monster for a mere 2.7 seconds at a time. [I’ll take it.] For that 2.7 seconds you give it your all. Nuzzles, squeezie hugs, back pats, all sprinkled with a softly spoken, “Mama.”

We adore you Mia, Happy Birthday!

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