Dance dance! One of her favorite past times.


Zack made Penelope some bracelets.  The are so tiny!!


She posed like this, she wasn’t sad or tired. She is beautiful though.


She enjoys sitting in our ottoman. :)


We made ornaments with Daddy. One for Mommy and Mia, and one for Daddy and Ploppy. This will definitely be a Christmas tradition!


Peek-a-boo / baby walking :)


Penelope spent most of Friday morning decoration this Christmas gift, all while also talking to Grandma Penny and watching Peter Pan. Multi-tasking has started younger in this one than I thought it would.


She also “colored Grandma Penny green.” She was pretty proud of herself.


At this exact moment Penelope told Amelia, “You don’t have to be scared, Maple not hurt you. She is a sweet puppy.” Amelia wasn’t scared and actually thought Maple was, as Penelope would say, “So so silly”. Penelope’s approach to comforting her sister melted my heart at record breaking speed.


Zack had a half day (It was a make-up day from a previous snow day), so we took the girls out to lunch. They have so much fun together. :)


We have a busy weekend ahead of us! Full of family, Christmas parties, snow and ice. ‘Tis ganna be fun!

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