Well, it is Wednesday. I woke up with a determination to get. things. done.

I began by cleaning. Dashing from here to there with a certain swiftness, trying my darndest to carry a sense of calm about me all day. I usually wait until they are napping to get my cleaning done, but I was in a mood. You know the one.


Penelope wanted to help, and she did. She completed the mopping, the putting away of toys, the “can you crawl under the table and get that?” chores.


Amelia was asleep and P was feeling much better today, and she was already wearing her “Princess coat,” so I decided we should brave the forty degree chill and go exploring outside.


We gathered some pinecones and other goodies for her box. We will paint them later tonight with Daddy and she will put them to sleep in her special ‘treasure box’.


She trotted around on the snow with her hands behind her back – AGH! I could die from the amount of cuteness.


“Daddy would like this leaf!”


Our fun time outside ended with a trip on a rock and a large amount of screaming and crying. There is no sign of injury, I think it was more of a shock. Missouri doesn’t have dirt. It has rocks covered with grass.

…so much rock…


I sweep the bathroom floor. I exit the bathroom to put the broom away. I look up. Amelia is on the couch. I crumple my brow. “Did you help her?” I ask Penelope. “No, she did it all herself.”

I missed it.

…and that is why you should wait until your children are sound asleep before you clean your house.

If your child has yet to learn a skill – walking, crawling, climbing onto the couch, etc. – dangle an ipad just beyond there reach. Geeez.


Finally, just before lunch + naptime, we played the newly discovered spin-in-Grandpa Shelly’s-chair game until Amelia looked like she was going to get her breakfast on my newly vacuumed carpet.

We have Christmas crafts, leftovers, and possibly a dance party when Zack gets home.

Happy Hump Day!

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