Sometimes being Mama can be tough. Those times also serve as a reminder of how important our role as a mother, really is. In the routines and schedules of day to day, I can forget how vital my job is to these young ladies and how blessed I am to be able to be a stay-at-home mom.


Penelope has been scared and in pain from an infection these past few days, and for the very first time, she was nervous to visit the doctor.


Mama hearts are fragile. This fact is one of the things they leave out of the many when-you-become-a-parent speeches. Even if they told you, you won’t understand such a love. A love that burns brighter and brighter until the day you die.

When your baby is sick you want to spend every moment curled up in bed snuggled tight under nineteen covers, watching her chest rise and fall. Running your fingers through her soft hair until she falls asleep. Holding her heavy hand up to your cheek as you fall asleep next to her.

I’m grateful for the times she needs me. I know they will soon be few and far between. I just wish she didn’t feel so crummy…

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