Our Aunt Cheryl recently commented on a Facebook album of mine that I need to take more photos of Zack and I. While I don’t post every photo I take, yes there are more!, I really don’t take photos of Zack and I. I’m not hoarding them on my laptop, it is just complicated to take “selfies.” I’ll make more of an effort Cheryl! :)

I took my little photographer out on the porch so she could take some photos while we played. It turned out to be so so so much fun!!!!

So, here you go, blurries and all…


She thinks she is funny…


Aaahhhh yeah! The smoochy kisses. The push-so-hard-your-nose-goes-flat kisses. The unattractive-but-well-worth-the-ugly kisses.


I feel as though this house belongs in the Tennessee mountains. We are grateful for such a wonderful old place to raise our babies.


I love her details. Her delicate feet that will one day fill a size nine shoe. Her Sofia watch and handmade bracelet wrapped around her ever so slender wrist. She is adored.


Thank you Miss P, for capturing an amazing afternoon and warming my heart with your existence. I love you.

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