Saturday after lunch, Zack was working on the kitchen, so the girls and I bundled up and went outside to swing and explore. Boy, did Amelia enjoy the freedom of never-ending space to roam!


We are so blessed to have the home (and the yard!) we have. Especially for being as young as we are!


Amelia fell a lot. Still breaking in the new legs.


“Hey, Amelia, want to be in a picture with Mama?”

Dramatically, slowly, and forcefully slides to the ground belly laughing.

I took it as a happy no. Still got my picture, A! Still got it.


Amelia was walking to Penelope. You’ll notice in the photo above, they are crossing paths. It takes her a while to slow down and turn around. Like a boat. She’ll get there and when she does there will be no stopping her. Lord help me.


Love love love our tall trees!


We collected some pinecones. P also calls ice cream cones, pinecones. :)


Miss Amelia keeps me on my toes. Literally. I don’t think I am ever sitting when she is awake.

I need to make more of an effort to get out in the yard with these ladies. This day was proof I can brave the cold and so can they.

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