We had a jam packed last few days, some of which have was featured in yesterday’s post. I was going to drag it out into a few more, but at the rate in which I photograph and write about our days I would’ve sure been documenting it well to next Saturday.

I regards to the photo of Amelia above – she is now drawing with crayons more than she is attempting to eat them! Progress!!




Saturday morning was filled with The Little Mermaid, board games with Miss P, Kitchen construction, grocery shopping and take-out for lunch.


Sunday evening was spent taking a long stroll through the park, feeding fishies, watching deer, sitting in a wagon, and struggling to hike up a hill. Okay, maybe that last one was just me…


Monday the ladies and I took advantage of the warm weather by visiting our neighbors and enjoying a ‘pic-mic’ out on the deck before naps!

How ‘bout those pigtails A is sporting!! Putting that mullet to work. I think we will be taking the rest of the week easy, since we have another big weekend ahead of us!

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