I have been putting off this post. So much so I am including part of last weeks happenings into this post about our big weekend. First off, how cute is A in these lamb slippers?? She gives her walk a more intentioned march, than steps taken without such stylish foot wear. She may be a shoe girl like her sister!


She has taken to carrying around the girls utensils. Not sure if she is hinting that she wants food or if she just likes the way it feels. Either way, I just hold my breath and hopes she doesn’t trip…


The girls have been cooking up a storm on the play kitchen the past couple of weeks. I love watching them play together!


Amelia’s favorite thing (as in, she hunts it down and carries it with her everywhere) is this leopard vest. The squeals she lets out – the squeals that get all of the dogs in a five mile radius barking -  makes me want to let her wear it every day!


Friday the girls and I took the car for the day! We went out for pancakes (it was one whole degree outside, so we stayed in the toasty car while we ate – lame, but warm!!), we went shopping for only fun things, stopped in at Panera for a treat (I had soup and they enjoyed fruit and cookies the size of their faces), brought Zack lunch, picked out new books at the library and after picking up Zack from work we headed up to the “big city”! It was a big day!!


We were going up the the “big city” because it was Miss Rowan’s birthday! Rowan was pretty much the only thing Penelope talked about for three days prior! Her other closest friend, Paulina was at the party, so P definitely did not want to leave!


Cutest future-son-in-law-to-be I could ask for. ;) Arranged marriages are typically frowned up, but look at this face!!! His personality is such as sweet!


A wore P’s shirt and P wore A’s sweater. I am loving this ‘sharing clothes’ thing. I am so glad it came at such an early age, when they grow so fast!

Zack and I also went on a date Saturday while my parents watched the girls. Amelia went straight for Grandpa and didn’t bother telling me bye…I’m still obviously trying to get over it.


Sunday was a weird spontaneous one. Our plans were cancelled so we made up new ones as they came to us. Some of which included lunch with Grandma Shari and Great-grandparents, Pawpawdeedee. We headed home by one o’clock, and had a great evening!

Today has been so nice. We’ve done some cleaning, school work, naps, some Nanny McPhee, and Amelia got to talk to Grandma Penny! I have a feeling this will be a great week. I hope your is too!

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