Tuesday Penelope wanted to be a doctor princess. All day she asked if we could go trick-or-treating. How do you explain something as difficult as nine months to a three year old?


Amelia is beginning to understand things more and more, which has lead to fewer frustrations on both of our parts.


Between meals, ‘school,’ daily chores, and afternoon naptime, Penelope has about an hour of ‘free time’ (while A takes her first nap) to do her own thing. She has been choosing to huddle under her covers to fight the cold. I on the other hand huddle by the fireplace!


Staying indoors everyday gets to us quick. Me especially. I was built for warm tropical weather, sunshine year round, and sockless feet. When the girls and I start to get cabin fever, we slap on some lipstick and have a dance party.

It does worry me that it only took three days into the week to get us here. Makes me wonder what the next two weeks indoors holds for us…


Zack got Penelope a new workbook about the alphabet over the weekend. It’s been a hit. So far we are just focusing on memorizing the alphabet (nearly perfect!), before we start learning to write it out. Mia really enjoys the markers…

The rest of the week holds full laundry hampers, a nearly empty pantry, and a basket of fresh library books. I am sure by Saturday we will have a basket of worn library books, have eaten some very creative meals, and full laundry baskets. :)

Happy Thursday!

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