MONDAY! Oh Monday, I awoke welcoming you with open arms!! We had another non-stop free fall of a weekend. Monday as been as lovely as I hoped it would be.


A tornado in a tutu holding a toothbrush.


Miss P at the urgent care, where we found out she had a UTI // Zack finished tiling the kitchen and we installed a new light, after the old one randomly fell… // Amelia finally fitting into the famous ‘kitty-cat hat’ and a 3T shirt // Penelope on Monday morning finally feeling better!


After a rough and painful week, Penelope is back to her giggles, graceful soccer playing, and being Mama to her neglected baby dolls. It is so nice to have you back P!


Zack and I decided we needed to get our house in order after the girls went to bed, to start the work week off right. It is so nice waking up to a clean house! When the house was finally and officially quiet, Zack and I stayed up to watch a movie. It was wonderful…

Six a.m. sharp Amelia began singing softly. I fell back asleep and ended up getting her out of bed by 6:45, and letting Penelope sleep in a bit longer. By 7:30 the house was, well…less clean.

Amelia’s favorite game to play? Strut (Yeah, she struts) at hyper speed grabbing everything in her path and tossing it over her shoulder until everything we own is resting on some floor in the house. It’s “charming.”


Monday has been a blessing to me and my ladies. A hearty breakfast, yoga, school work, a Bible lesson, Totoro, a phone call to Grandma, lots of giggles, and I finally got around to putting away laundry!

Hope your Monday has been just as wonderful!!

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