After a busy weekend, me and the girlies have been taking it easy…and cleaning…but mainly taking it easy.


Penelope and I have been on our game with this preschool thing! Bible studies, reading, shape bizz, and patterns.


The only food Amelia will not touch is butternut squash. So I blended some left over butternut squash with almond milk + cinnamon and made a peanut butter type…spread? You get the idea. She loved it. Score!


The girls enjoyed roughly one thousand spins in the office chair. I think Mia got sick. When she stopped smiling I picked her up and she rested her head on my shoulder for ten minutes without moving. I may have to make this a daily activity. ;)


We played with color filters. The girls love these! Penelope has to see every picture right after it is taken. We took a lot of photos…


She held this last pose for a really really really long time. Had to make sure it was fer sure in the books. Missioned accomplished lady. I have a solid twenty frames of this.






We took a trip to Lowes as well.


Penelope gave Zack a lesson in jumping. He hopped, she jumped. :)

We have Zumba, a doctors appointment, and kitchen construction planned for the rest of the week.

Hope your week is going well!

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