Zack’' had one day of teaching last week. He was so ready to get back to work this morning! We began our weekend with no expectations and a blank to-do list. This began a spiral of spontaneous decisions…


Zack’s aunt and uncle watched Amelia so we could take Penelope to see Frozen! :) Made me realize, we don’t get out much anymore.


Penelope is hiding from the camera. My kid hide from a camera?

The sun finally showed its face Saturday morning, however, it was still too wet to chop wood for the fireplace like we had planned.

“Do you want to raise up the kitchen cabinets?”



I took this “before photo” after emptying the cabinets. Photo fail.

We began work at about 10:00 while Amelia was napping.


We stopped working at 8:30.

Uncle ‘Gweg’ is coming over sometime this week to help tile all of the wall you see here! I am so so excited!!!!! It might be a while until we can paint the cabinets white, but so far this look above is an improvement. Hooray for long limbs! We’re going to need ‘em!


While working in the kitchen I began to feel a cold coming on. A few glasses of tea and honey and all signs of it are gone for now.

Also while working, Zack’s aunt and uncle brought over firewood and two heaters! Maybe that is why I feel better. My hiney is warm! :)


Sunday after church, we went over to the Berry’s house and the boys chopped a lot of fire wood!

The ladies sat around, ate warm chili and talked. Ha!

It was a good weekend!! Happy Monday!

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