My darling teething Rae,

I suppose I should start this letter / / update by telling future Rae about your teething experience. The Lord has been kind enough to cover my ears, and calm my frustrations so that I may remember that you are but a wee lady in the swarm of screams and tears. Helpless beauty. Your pain makes me feel helpless. So helpless. He reminds me to take advantage of these times when snuggling cures all ailments. He has certainly heard many a thank you for the invention of teething tablets, and will sure hear plenty more by the time this feat is over. This is my first experience with painful teething as a parent. We’ll get through this together Rae. No doubt bloody, sweaty, and crawling to the finish line, but Lord willing, we can do it!

You make a classic ordinary game of peek-a-boo an e x t r e m e game of peek-a-boo. No doubt your favorite past time. You tuck your self as far as you can behind the fridge or the behind a wall and then lunge yourself into view squealing “Dun nun nah” to the tune of “There she is!” 

Your go-to dance move used to be bobbing up and down whilst swaying your arms. Yesterday you improved upon that masterpiece. You now walk about in a circle or, my personal favorite, a sort of march. You march to the beat (bravo for that, white girl!) in a straight line, swiftly turn about face and march back to point A. You b e a m when you dance. You push the limits of how much smile your tiny face can hold. Never hide that smile.

You have discovered a new laugh, which you put on repeat as if trying to perfect it. I do have to say, I am more fond of this giggle, much easier on the ears than your high-pitched scream that usually indicates you are experiencing a moment of joy.

You have begun saying words!! Sort of. ;)

bah bah / / dadda : : Bye Bye (while waving)

mah mah : : Mommy

mamamamamama…. : : Grandma

dah : : Maple (I believe this is really you saying ‘that thing’, referring to Maple)

dadda : : Daddy

duh dun :  : Thank you (said to the tune of thank you)

mo mo : : more (you wave both hands frantically for this, and I only hear you say it for food)

I am often busy doing dishes or cleaning up baby tornado aftermath. For this I am sorry. Sunday you and I, just you and I, played in your new room exploring old toys as new ones. You tried hats on me, I tried necklaces on you. You filled with glee as I rocked you on your plastic pony. We cooked a pot of plastic pineapple, an egg and a wooden puzzle piece. It was delicious. Lets do that again soon, okay?

I love you sweet baby girl,


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