Today was Zack’s first day back to school since mid December. He didn’t have to go in until nine, so I got to sleep in! We started back up no television / ipad during the week. Usually Penelope would get a movie or twenty minutes on the ipad during Amelia’s nap, but we are just cutting it out all together Monday – Friday.

We danced (a lot!), cleaned up a bit, and enjoyed a quiet lunch. Amelia got a bath right after breakfast, cause girl was a mess! It has been warmer today. While, I can’t feel my toes at the moment, over all we didn’t have to bundle up as much today.


How do you take a photo of a girl who doesn’t want her picture taken?


While aiming the camera at Penelope say, “Mia, Mia look over here”



She thought it was a hilarious way to pass the time. :)


We switched out our room for the girl’s room. Now they have a big playroom and lots of sunlight!


Here is Amelia. She is quick these days, so you won’t see much of her in this post.


“Grape trees” have been Penelope’s greatest discovery of the day. / Why is having your tongue out the thing to do? Seriously, here are two instagrams from this morning -


My desk in still atrocious from the move over the weekend. Not ready to fix that issue…


Happy…Wednesday? Staying at home really messes with my days.

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