Last Saturday we met Zack’s mom halfway for lunch…or brunch. We managed to sneak our visit in just before a big snow storm landed in our laps!


Grandma came prepared!! Toys, coloring books, sticker books, stick notes, a sweet jingly Christmas tree pen, lip gloss and two types of crayons! OH, and a Hello Kitty coin purse. Waiting for our food flew by!


Showing Grandma her “Sophia the First” watch. Full name required. ;)


Zack and I both chose the spinach + mushroom omelet and Shari and I split an order of pecan waffles. We really could have split a single pancake, as they were twice the size of the faces we were stuffing them into.  - but SO GOOD!


The girls split an order of blueberry pancakes. Can’t go wrong with blueberries!!


Sunday we woke up to a winter wonderland. We couldn’t see far since it was a blizzard, but once it cleared we were left with sparkles and long blue shadows. Worth it. Now if only we could raise these negative temperatures…


Most places we have over a foot of snow. Amelia’s swing filled to the brim within two hours. The pine tree (that is usually above of roof) is hanging down, nearly to the deck floor. Maple has to be forced to take potty breaks and has been taking shelter in the s l I g h t l y warmer living room. Zack is on his second snow day, and we should be getting more snow tomorrow I hear. He actually had to take a trip to “the big city” for some groceries and fire wood.

So cold.


Poor Mia has been bundled to the max, but still sports purple lips, hands and feet. We have been creating obstacle courses in the living room and running them to stay warm, and rotating that with movies from the safety of Mama’s warm…er bed. Ten blankets, ya’ll. Ten. Ten more on the couch, five on P’s bed and the best heater in there room. Making the best of this excuse to snuggle in bed with our ladies!!!

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