From what I hear, we are supposed to be receiving a large winter storm this weekend. May be enough to grant a snow day Monday, but from what I can tell, it doesn’t look to be a big deal. Snow has landed before and it will land again…

Instead of dreading a possibility of more snow, I decided to find and capture what I am grateful for this morning. Not unusual for me to capture what I am grateful for, as you know. I guess the info on today’s process was more for me :)


This morning I am grateful for almond milk with our cheerios,


and hand holding while we eat those cheerios.


I am grateful for new decorations on the mantle that celebrate winter.


Remote control Minnie,


spur of the moment jungle safaris,


one ukulele painted by Daddy and toddlers willing to put on a show for the rest of us.


I am grateful for smiles that don’t hold back,


classic Disney movies, warm popcorn and plush blankets made for snuggling.


Christmas monkeys, board books, nail polish that lasts and lasts,


handmade crowns,  “princess shoes,”


sneaky babies, well behaved, freshly bathed hounds and the possibility of a yard covered in “white sparklies”.

I hope whatever bad weather does come our way waits until after our visit with Grandma Shari. However, Zack may get a three day weekend out of the deal! More Zack is always appreciated around here!

Have a lovely weekend full of gratitude!!

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