We spent new years with my BEST friend and her family. We have missed them!!! We made a run to Bass Pro and Buckingham's BBQ on our way. Both worth the journey, let me tell ya!


I mean, really…


Yes, Mia, you may have the camera. You just keep flashing those teefers, and you can have anything your wittle heart desires…

*Update: She now has six teeth and is working on 7 & 8!


Chickens, cattle, sheep, and a pig – needless to say Penelope was in heaven.


Yesi’s kids, nieces, and nephews have grown so much! When I met her, her oldest was nine, now he is fifteen, taller than me and has a deep voice!! Just put that growing on pause for a bit Cesar. Thanks.


Penelope discovered the trampoline. Love at first sight. She calls it “the jumping thing.”


Some of you may notice, she is wearing Amelia’s shirt and hoodie. So glad they have reached this stage. I can just grab and go when picking an outfit, without checking the size.


There was a lot of “catch,” wood chopping, and borrowing of coats. My anemia decided a fun filled trip would be the proper time to show up, so I felt like a zombie and had a wicked tooth ache. Could be worse, right?

Penelope cried ( a lot! ) when we had to leave. She said “I want to go back to the house” for the first half hour in the car. Broke my heart. We’ll have to stay longer next time. Zack has school prep today, a teacher work day tomorrow and then we get some Grandma Shari time Saturday!!! That will cheer her up for sure!

Happy New Year!

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