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Amelia had jam on her nose. :)


This fella knows how to drool!

_MG_8012audrey 32

^  They are holding hands!!  ^

audrey 29audrey 30audrey 31audrey 25audrey 26audrey 27audrey 28

As we began walking by the fish feeding area a fish jumped right out onto the sidewalk and I had to toss it back in! I should have thrown it into the spacious river behind me, as it was clearly in search of personal space.

The kids enjoyed feeding the fish, and seemed to be just as eager as the fish to get their mitts on those pellets!

audrey 23audrey 24audrey_18IMG_7906

Penelope fell down (a few times), and Aunt Audrey was there to console her. We found a few bruises on her legs when we got home.

Since her birthday, Penelope has grown about two inches, and all of this growing is making her clumsy…


This was a really treat…

I could do a whole post just on outtakes from this merry-go-round shoot. (Hint: this was the best one, despite it being blurry and everyone having their eyes closed!)


Thank you, Audrey for coming to see us!! We love you! Feel free to make this a regular occurrence!

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