Playing peek-a-boo at the doctor’s office.

Amelia had to receive shots. It was awful. Penelope has never cried for shots. One of the many ‘firsts’ I have experienced with Amelia.

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The other day at the store, Zack let Penelope pick something out. She chose this pink yoga mat. :) It really brightens up our living room, and make yoga each morning that much more fun. We do the Cosmic Kids Yoga, which follows along a story – usually about an animal.


Zack made me the cutest Valentine!! Our home, with rotating puffy chimney smoke and a Raccoon. I mean, really?


Penelope talking to Grandma Penny.

Amelia discovered the recliner controls. As you can see, she finds it to be pretty fun. ;)


It has been warm here the past few days! Whoooo! By warm I mean 30F, which nearly made me pull out the shorts and tank tops! Weird how I can find freezing point warm. It is supposed to be forty degrees today, which may just mean a trip to the park!

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  1. That card is fabulous! Zack gets ultimate husband brownie points for that!


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