Monday morning was dreary, so we did the most logical thing we could think of – we got dolled up! We wore new dresses, slapped on some face masks, chose the brightest lip stick, and put Penelope’s hair in curlers! When we were done, the sun came out and there is not a single cloud in the sky. We even have warm enough weather to open the windows!! This may just become a rainy day tradition amongst the ladies in the Rogers’ household. I highly recommend joining in!

These pictures look posed, but not a single one is. Her lips keep a nearly constant pucker once lipstick is on them. We have a rule in this house – if you wear lipstick / chap stick you have to give Mama kisses, a lot of kisses! She just looked around, made so many silly faces, and pointed at a leaf flying around outside.

Her dress is a bit too big, but she insisted on wearing it. We just bought it this past weekend. We’re slowly building her a wardrobe. We have no 4T handy-me-downs. It’s been fun collecting new clothes (pretty much all dresses, her favorite). She has less than ten items of clothing to wear, which is plenty of the scheme of things, and I am grateful to have such an awesome daughter who doesn’t demand anything. She is full of love and so grateful!

I love my fabulous Penelope!!!

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