Pucker up!

Amelia still has a cold, poor lady. Monday her nose just wouldn’t stop running. I am grateful she has stopped fighting me when I try to wipe her nose!

She is finally all about kisses, but now I receive the occasional snot covered smooch.


Penelope even drinks from a can gracefully! :) So cute.

Our table was covered in Playdo and craft supplies, so the girls were able to enjoy their lunch in the living room with some cartoons.


Amelia is always generous with her food. Chances are if you eat a meal with us, she will try and feed you something, and then tell you, “Thank you.”

Earlier Monday morning Penelope and I got dolled up. When Amelia woke up from her nap she found the lipstick we left out and put some on herself. Most of it ended up on her cheek. (Adorable!) I have a feeling I wouldn’t look quite as attractive with lipstick smeared on my face…


Penelope received a manicure, and Amelia, a pedicure. We’re so ready for spring, a.k.a sandal weather!


Amelia has become so independent when it comes to going potty. She will walk to the bathroom, lift up the lid, set her seat on the toilet, and then say, “Thank you!” as a request for someone to lift her up. She does this thirty times a day. I get kind of annoyed after about the eighth time, but she hasn’t had a wet diaper in weeks so I think I just need to do what the lady says, right?


After Zack arrived home we took the girls to the park for a while. We had to do some grocery shopping which meant eating out. We were the only ones at the restaurant. It was really nice that we were able to enjoy a quite supper out with the girls at a ‘fast food’ restaurant.

Before leaving the store, Penelope asked if she could ‘smell the broccoli.’ She does this every time. We let her pick out a bundle to bring home, and she proudly carries her own bag of broccoli to the check out counter. :) I know that Tuesday morning she will ask to have her broccoli the moment she wakes up. Amelia, on the other hand will only eat the stems of cooked broccoli…for now!

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