The girls and I (and all of southern Missouri) have been enjoying the warm weather the God has blessed us with! Spring is so near, I am going to lose it if it snows again!


Penelope and Maple are so sweet together. Maple has learned to tame her enthusiasm when the girls are around, which is such a relief!


It it super muddy here, after two months of snow on the ground. I was able to bring these beloved rain boots out of retirement!!!


I climbed up on the ‘rock’ stairs to take the photo of P driving, and Maple climbed up with me! I wonder if she would’ve climbed up to the top.


Penelope learned to climb the ladder. I’m not sure how I feel about this.

I mean, “Hooray for learning new skills and growing…” Yada yada, please don’t fall Penelope!!


^  A’s worst nightmare  ^

Amelia totally lost it when Maple licked her face. Maple kept her distance the rest of the afternoon! Smart girl.


I saw Maple chewing on a bone. Turned out to be a jaw bone.



We played so many rounds of hide-and-seek. It was so much fun, and totally worth all of the running it required! I could have done without a reminder of how out of shape I’ve become though…
One of the times Penelope was supposed to hide, she sat down in a patch of pine needles, in an open space. It was precious and Amelia and I acted totally unaware of her presence. :)

No snow in the forecast – Whoooooooot!

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