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The sunlight in this house is amazing! The girls room in particular really brightens my mood! I just can’t be grumpy when the sun is shining. My girls have inherited this trait. I often find them wrapped in their curtains, banging on the windows, and Penelope teaching Amelia terms for things they see outside.


Amelia dining on some prunes, and being adorable / / Penelope hammin’ it up in glasses too large for her slender face / / Penelope has been wearing Mama’s shirts to bed, I’m not sure why she finds it so fun / / My monkey surrounded by monkeys – Penelope’s George, and her favorite monkey from Aunt Megahn and Uncle Joe. She takes it everywhere.

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We’re nearly done with our kitchen biz! We just have to paint the bottom cabinets (paint purchased!) and re-due the floor. We are desperately hoping the wood floor underneath is in good condition! We may bring in our extra fridge which is white instead of “off-white,” but that would be after the floors are done.

*Thanks Martha for giving us this table / island!

Also, suggestions for what to fill the shelf above the microwave with?


We’ve been having game nights more frequently! (Shelby’s Snack Shack is her recent favorite) / / Amelia has finally come around to the idea of us reading to her! She brings us books and sits still while we read to her!!! / / Miss Penelope looking like Aunt Sarah – and is anyone else over having static-hair!! / / We received a small amount of snow this past weekend, and I may just be the last person in Missouri to still find it beautiful.

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I know this weather is getting to everyone, and we all dream of swimming pools, sidewalk chalk, and the smell of sunscreen. However, I have recently noticed, the reason I have been okay with the cold this year is because in the back of my mind I am glad I don’t have to chase Amelia, keep an eye on two kids outside, and the fear of Amelia wandering into the road the moment I look away is almost too much to bear. Lame? I’m okay with lame.

Amelia watches the log trucks pass by the house everyday, she even lets out a “VROOM!”

She finds them way too appealing…

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Zack had off work Monday (snow day), and we tackled the girls room which had been unorganized since her cousin’s last visit. We even organized the books in the hallway, and Amelia didn’t throw them on the floor…right away. :)


Amelia, smiling brighter than the sunshine behind her / / The girls, dressed and playing before breakfast. / / Amelia…crusin’ / / Amelia will eat almost as much edamame as Mama…almost. I set a pretty high record.

The past few posts featured photos from my phone, due to a certain lady hiding my camera cord. I have found it, and will get back to the regular scheduled posting!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. I think I would fill the shelf with mason jars. Blue for a pop of color or fill clear ones with another color. Love the kitchen pics and of course the girls too.

  2. Oooh, we have so many mason jars!!! That's a great idea!


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