Dear Mae,

You have become a storyteller. Your enthusiastic imagination tells of monsters in the garden who will join us for snack time, and snakes who take naps on the porch after eating apples. Dining room tables turn into caves, and little girls into bears. [Creativity you undoubtedly got from your daddy.] I could watch you tell a story for hours. You use every limb and facial expression. Your stories fill me with joy and I find it hard to stop smiling, well after the story is over.

An inch taller than you were on your birthday, you are almost to big to carry. Thankfully, you haven’t outgrown the ability to enjoy a good cuddle!

You are seasoned in the art of dance, and I envy your skills. You can shimmy and shake with the best of ‘em, P. Twirling, jumping, bouncing, frolicking, clapping, and swaying – you are a joy to watch. You have also begun singing! I have looked forward to this milestone for so long! You sing to every song you here. You know which songs you like, and make sure to let us know not to change your ‘favorite’ song. (side note to future P, every song is your favorite song)

You are learning to write your alphabet, and are a whiz at it. I thought I would be pulling my hair out at the task of teaching the concept of letters and writing to a three year old, but you have been kind to your Mama!

Thanks for letting me snuggle with you at nap time, and kiss your perty face as much as I want!

I’d follow you anywhere my love.


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