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Warm weather blew in with the time change and, oh boy did we ever take advantage of it! Right after breakfast Penelope and I began yard work (chasing bubbles). We had to come in for naps, however, I’m sure they would have gladly taken them outside had Mama given that option.

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My Mom is here for the week, which means she is manning the camera for the week!! I may be in quite a few photos this week, but Amelia may be in fewer. She keeps going after Grandma, which sure makes for a cute mental shot!


^ Maple totally photo bombed us! ^

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I can’t remember the last time we were able to enjoy hot weather. It is my favorite!! Aren’t these ladies lovely? They are even more lovely as a set, don’t you think? They have recently become the best of friends and go everywhere together. Makes my Mama heart happy.

fourth (4)

^ Making silly shadows ^

fourth (7)

Amelia found a stump and didn’t know what to think of it, so she stood by it and made sure it wasn’t something that moved. ;)

fourth (9)fourth (16)fourth (8)pfeathers

Penelope found some more goodies for her treasure box. three feathers and a turtle shell! She used to be skittish when it came to feeling feathers, but as you can see she is over that!

fourth (17)Untitled-1

^ “Grandma!”  ^

fourth (18)fourth (12)

^ Silly kisses may just be the best thing ever… ^

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Penelope tried to bite into a rock! It was awful. No broken teeth, but it took some big hugs, kisses, and some explaining to get over it. Turns out, it looked like a big donut…

fourth (14)

Thanks for capturing these moments for us, Mom!!

[ More hot weather tomorrow, followed by snow in the forecast for Wednesday. Oh, Missouri… :) ]

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