Day two of my mom being here was so…rewarding. We accomplished so much! Tons of landscaping and just as much play. Lunch on the porch, sunburns on shoulders, dirt covered toes, happy babies who fell asleep hard, and a chick flick to top it all off. It was a day without a minute wasted.


I am in love with this age. Seventeen months is adorable. I love the weight of her as I hold her in my arms. Her attempts to pronounce her favorite words melt my heart. Her almost-big-girl-hands-but-still-a-little-chubby mits that cling to mine so often now. She enjoys the struggle that comes with utensils and never gives up. She has a sense of humor and knows when she is being funny. Her grin engulfs her entire face, her eyes disappear, and she giggles in the most contagious way. Precious baby.

Phew, I went off on a tangent…back to my story…


Penelope found a nutshell and an empty egg to add to her treasure box. Of course we had to document it. :)

amelia10amelia 3amelia2amelia15

Sisters that dig holes together stay together.


The other day at the nursery in town, Penelope picked out strawberries that are her very own. She takes great care of them, I hope they survive!


Penelope watered just about every plant we own. She has mastered the spray bottle, and I do believe I will add this to her chore list. I’m totally taking advantage of her love of chores. ;)


Amelia is quite fond of chores too! She actually puts away the girls dishes, toys, books, shoes, wipes her high chair tray and attempts to help sweep . Oh, and rake sidewalks…


Maple hung out with us the entire day. No wandering or exploring. Just napping here and there. She even followed us inside every time we went in.


Anytime Penelope plays outside while Amelia sleeps, she asks to swing in “Mia’s blue one.” She watched her shadow the entire time, and got to go super fast!

Today it’s supposed to rain all day, so I think board games, snuggling and laundry are on the menu. Happy Wednesday!

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