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This past week has been so much fun, despite Zack being at work for most of it. Usually that indicates a slow, boring week at home. Two different Grandma’s and warm weather made this week my favorite so far this year!

We have enjoyed almost every lunch on the porch. Man oh man am I grateful for a porch!


Monday we were able to go to Zack’s [ ^ and Terra’s :) ^ ] art show at the elementary school. The kids did such an amazing job! – For me, it was also amazing to get out of the house for something other than groceries!!!


I noticed the chickens were getting scared of us, so I decided to bring one out for five minutes each day. Day one was successful!! Amelia is in love and the chick wasn’t bothered by her enthusiasm or harsh petting. / / Amelia enjoying lunch on the porch without a coat!  / / With all of the outdoor work we have been doing lately, we are pretty pooped around bedtime. Movie nights have been our ‘before bed activity’ of choice this week. / / Just when the warm weather blows in, Maple decides she wants to hang out inside, or on the porch with us – as oppose to wandering over to the neighbors or exploring the woods across the street. I’ll take it. :)

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Zack’s mom came for most of the weekend! Time out with just the girls, shopping and going out for lunch was a nice change of pace for us!

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^  Strawberries are hilarious!  ^

My mom and I took the girls to a local nursery on Sunday. We snagged some hanging plants and some strawberries. We sure do love to grow things around here. I’m not sure there is such a thing as too many plants. Amiright?


Zack and my Dad replaced a window in the living room while we were out getting plants and groceries. Thanks, Dad, for helping. I can’t imagine the installation going so smoothly if he had done it on his own. / / The porch swing calls our name daily. It’s hard to resist. / / The girls on Tuesday saying goodbye to the glorious outdoors before bath time. / / It is so nice to be able to work in the yard again! Sweat, dirt, and yes, even the sunburned shoulders have made me so so happy this week!


Is there anything cuter than a baby in sunglasses the size of her face? Okay, maybe a sleeping baby, but this is a pretty close second!

Three more days with Grandma Penny!! In the words of Penelope, “Tis be awesome!” Have a lovely Thursday!

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