Some of you may have noticed, posts have been few and far between the past few weeks. I was having issues with my Canon, the weather is cold most days, and I just needed a break. As you can see above, when I don’t have creative ideas to fill our days with – we move on to food. Zack and I have been juicing every day, and creating new creative and healthy suppers each day. Some days I get creative with lunch, like homemade chips with fresh guacamole and fruit salad, but most days the girls have been given random stuff put on a plate. Penelope has been such a help in the kitchen. I can see her baking and putting meals together by herself in a year or two. I try to give her as many jobs as I can, from mixing batter and stirring noodles, to cutting vegetables and washing fruit.

image (6)011

My parents came for the weekend! Zack and my dad drove to our old college town to pick up our ‘new’ truck! My mom and I took the girls to a farmers market, played at the biggest park around, stopped in at a book store, and went grocery shopping. At the book store, Penelope purchased a book, and my mom bought the girls this very large book of Bible stories!


^  Found this on my camera!  ^


Now that I have fixed the Canon and have a car to use during the day, things should get back into full swing around here!

…I just need some ideas of where to take the girls…

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