^  Amelia has begun feeding baby dolls!!  ^


Messes are now taking place in every room of the house now that Amelia is very  mobile. She enjoys brushing her teeth, which means she leaves her toothbrush[es] all over the place. She has a few, simply because we often have trouble locating one, or we find it in the toilet.

Signs that Penelope was somewhere is usually neatly put away bath gear or a doll nicely placed sweetly against a comfy pillow. Neatness comes naturally to her. She even assigned the orange luffa to herself, and the pink to Amelia, and she makes sure they each have the correct one before I bring out the soap. :)

I wonder what the messes will be once they out grow toys…clothes? Homework? Well, those won’t be as cute. Hopefully I will still be documenting the mess at that time. It will be fun to see how they, and their interests, have changed!

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