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This week has kicked my rump. In a good way. I haven’t slowed down since last Friday, between company, cleaning and my new attempt and trying something new, different and fun with the girls everyday (what was I thinking??? ).


Saturday Uncle Dylan was over and we tried our darnedest to make the most of it. Shooting, big meals, park tour, coop painting, an art show, and lots of hugs from Penelope made it a pretty solid day and a half! Our neighbors (the ones I have yet to meet) brought us fresh from the oven chocolate chip cookies! They were amazing!! – Coming from someone who is not a fan of sweets, that’s saying something.


Now that I have a car, the girls and I have been taking weekly trips to the library! We found books on farms, three books about characters named either Penelope or Penny (last week we found one on a rabbit named Amelia!), books on gardens, books on horses, books on ballerinas, and cardboard books for Amelia. The librarians even dug up some books on gems for Penelope!

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Wednesday we began our day watching a thunderstorm roll in and reading the books on the porch. Oh, and hosing the layers of pollen off of the porch before hand. Allergies are hitting Penelope and Zack hard this year.


Drinking hot chocolate on the first warm morning of the week / / Daily early morning chicken check + feeding time (They eat non-medicated feed and our kitchen scraps) / / Zack and Penelope at a local BBQ place, being adorable / / Penelope trying out a new school activity I think we will do at least once a week – Nature lesson, draw what you see. She used a notebook Daddy made, and we looked up extra info on stuff she found interesting, like caterpillars and grapevines.


Amelia’s favorite activity is playing with chickens, and Penelope enjoys feeding them tall grass. They both become giddy when they are able to pet them. Cow is still our top hen. She’ll live forever, that girl!

Left on the menu for this week is teaching Penelope how to make bread from scratch, more reading practice, beginning a chapter book with P (Me reading to her, not her reading it – I’m not that good!), and keeping Amelia from getting in too much trouble. ;)


  1. That's a cool freaking library! And i love your deck. I have yet to really get to know my neighbors, but they all seem nice, sigh I guess that's what I get for living in the city more, less personal. Though across the street our neighbor killed our mail box one winter and made us the prettiest I'm sorry card!

  2. I don't think that library has been updated since they built it. I love the old furniture in there!Typically I'm all for being secluded, but we hit the jackpot in the neighbors department! - which is a relief, since buying a house next to rude, loud neighbors would not be ideal.


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