…or rather, failed attempts. After I hit publish on my last post, a snowball effect happened. The tiny snowball that started it all – an, “Oh well”  situation, quickly rolled down hill collecting any negative thing it could.


I was pumped to begin a detailed post about the trials of teaching Penelope to bake bread from scratch! Everything was set up, measure and my eager darling girl was becoming giddy with the task that awaited her. I snapped the photo above – and the camera battery died – and the one photo I managed to take, was blurry.

“Oh, well.”

We could still have fun, Penelope’s mind could still be molded, and we could still bond like fingers fussed with superglue!

I was less pumped about the post I intended to publish, but just has thrilled my daughter is eager to learn, help, and spend time with her mama (while it lasts!!)

Go bread!

(The bread turned out, and tastes amazing, by the way.)


Every time I have tried to take the girls out to play this week while the sun was shining, rain found us.

Zack agreed to take some photos of the girls and I. Wouldn’t you know, my always smiling Penelope was mopey. I still don’t know why. Daddy’s silly faces cheered her up.

My attempts to keep the house (inside and out) pollen-free have helped Penelope’s and Zack’s allergies get better. However, Amelia and I have hopped on the allergy train.

I just found out Sunday is Mother’s Day (and my Dad’s birthday – whooo!). I am cashing in early, and have requested a day off. My first since becoming a mother. I have no idea if that means catching up on sleep (failed attempts are plentiful in the sleep department), or going out for the day by myself, but I am exhausted. Every time Zack gives me a day to myself I end up inviting everyone with me, ha. Life really isn’t much fun without my crew.

Happy Mother’s day to all of you mamas!

I’m ready for a fresh start come Sunday!


  1. I looooooove, I mean seriously love your bangs woman! Lol, Miss Mia in the first picture looks like she's going, "why!?!?"

  2. I miss you, lady!! Amelia is a nut. ;)


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