Saturday, I gave myself a “day off.” A day off from cleaning, ‘parenting,’ cooking, and all things my days usually entail. I slept in past six o’clock, got caught up on computer things, watched a show I  like, and ate breakfast in bed.

While Amelia slept, Zack set up the pool. I have looked forward to that moment for weeks!! So, I caved and joined in on the fun.


The water was c o l d. (You’ll notice, Penelope never sits down.) I ran around the house looking for proper pool toys. I think I did a pretty good job. Penelope watered my feet with her watering can. I made a point to keep my camera with me, so I could use the ‘ole, “Don’t splash me, I have the camera!” trick. Worked like a charm.


Penelope became so good at scooping with the fish net, I hired her as our regular ‘pool guy.’ Cutest pool guy ever. She will of course be rewarded with mullah. She’s saving up for a carousel ride at the zoo. ;)


We made waves. She had to balance [on her belly] on the beach ball – Daddy tried every trick to get her fully soaked. No dice. She could be a rodeo rider. Eight seconds on an enraged thousand pound bull? No problem!


The yoga mat served as a good cushioned place to get out of the pool.


^  See! Daddy tried every trick in the book. Stay strong Ploppy!  ^


Before lunch, Penelope treated herself to some sunbathing. My favorite way to dry off.


In honor of my protest from household duties Zack made one of his masterpieces, homemade corndogs. So good! Of course, we had  to eat on the deck.

Everyday I am reminded of just how grateful I am for this place we call home and the biggest gift the Lord has blessed us with – our ladies.

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