Since I had my very first ‘day off,’ Saturday, I didn’t put much thought into Mother’s day. Okay, I put no  thought into Mother’s day. We went spent the morning at church. We tried (and liked!) a Sunday school class, signed up for VBS, and brought home some sweet things made by Penelope and flowers the church handed out to all of the ladies (not just Mamas!).


Zack asked me where I wanted to go. Since I am so fond of decisions, I pasted the torch onto Penelope. ;)

She chose a picnic in the park. We swung by the house, whipped up some sandwiches, and moseyed over to the park. We had so much fun!!


Penelope found some rocks she wanted -  -I know, I know, I was just as shocked! My purse is significantly heavier.


Amelia had a different approach. The ‘ole grab and toss. Thankfully no one was behind her or someone would’ve lost an eye.


^  Swinging - - everyone’s favorite!  ^


^  The church’s gift to the ladies.  ^

Penelope helped me plant them after our “Mother’s day nap” ( I may have rigged the nap portion of the decision making…).


We also made a cobbler to repay the amazing cookies our neighbors baked for us! We ended the night with some Longmire!

It turned out to be a wonderful Mother’s day, and my first actual day of rest on a Sunday in quite some time!

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