Zack and I have been eager to go canoeing for our last 3 anniversaries. Three weeks ago we celebrated our 7th anniversary (whoooo!) and did absolutely nothing for it. My sister offered to watch the girls so we could go out, but where we live there is really nothing to  do.

I finally agreed to get a non-relative babysitter, and Saturday we went canoeing –and it. was. awesome.


We arrived at Huzzah Valley Resort at 9 am – it was packed already!


We came at a time where we just missed two large groups. We practically had the river to ourselves. It was peaceful, not too hot, and we only got stuck twice in 3 hours. We laughed a lot, heard cows, saw a crane, and relaxed  (something we desperately needed!)


We packed a lunch, which ended up being a 10:30 snack. We worked up a hunger fast! :)


Such a hunk!


The cherry on top?    ^  This babe!!  ^   We got this close, stopped and exchanged stares for a few minutes!

Couldn’t have asked for a better day with my gorgeous man! Happy itch free seven years, Zack!

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