My sister came for a visit Monday and Tuesday! Monday, we went swimming, and fed some fish at the park. Tuesday (after weeks of Penelope asking), we took the kids to the “beach.” We read that there were white sandy beaches, but no specific location was said, so we picked a spot at the state park and set up camp for the day. It was nice and shady and plenty of shallow water!


^  Best friends  ^


Samuel is all boy! Fearless and messy.


Amelia is terrified of water, so she sat on the ‘sand’ or on a bench with Zack. You may have noticed her foot hanging in the air…it had dirt on it. She held it up for at least half an hour. I would’ve cleaned it off, but what would be the point? Isn’t she cute though?


We couldn’t leave the house without something to collect treasure in! Every time she collects treasure, she has to get rid of old treasure. I’m trying my best not to raise a hoarder!


All of the kids built ‘sand castles.’


Amelia was the Mama bird and made sure Daddy and Teddy B had plenty of chips. :) Never a dull moment with kids!

I hope we can make it back again soon, and maybe even find those white sandy beaches we read about!

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