^  We have a cat now! Rather, Penelope does. It is a gray cat named Black Beauty. :) He has warmed up to Zack and I but is terrified  of Amelia. For good reason. She is really excited when the cat is around. He is indifferent to Penelope. She told me, “We’re not friends yet because he’s scared, but we’ll be friends later.”


Amelia has really increased her excitement for accessories lately! We’ll head off to church – get there and I realize she is wearing five bracelets, which she chose and put on all by herself. Adorable!

Penelope has become interested in Legos. She plays with this logging truck a few times a day.

image (2)

For our anniversary, Zack and I decided to make some pottery goods together. It turned into Zack and the girls making stuff and Mommy watching Amelia to make sure she didn’t eat the clay…

image (4)

We made our second round of butter Sunday! We also made whipped cream and buttermilk on the way to it becoming butter. (Now if only I had a recipe that required buttermilk.)

We skipped church Sunday. Two weeks ago, our water pressure tank needed replacing, so we went 2-3 days without water. Last Friday, our hot water was no more (the gas tank was finally empty – on purpose!). We had let the gas run out so we could switch over to an electric water heater. We didn’t get hot water back until mid morning, Sunday. Everyone went potty, did dishes, and took showers immediately  and we decided to take the girls to Forest Park in St. Louis to celebrate.


Our first stop was the Zoo! Penelope was in charge of the map and was actually spot on in her directions! We didn’t get to see the Flamingos (or “mangoes”), which was Penelope’s sole request, but the weather was perfect and it wasn’t too crowed or hot!


^  Amelia got closer and Penelope crept back in fear  ^

_MG_3134image (5)_MG_3144

After the zoo, we took a bike tour of Forest Park with our handy tandem bike. (If you’re adding it up in your head – That is a tandem bike, kid carrier and  a wagon placed with ease in the back of our van. We didn’t even scoot the girls’ seats up. I highly recommend getting a van!!)

image (6)

On our way out of town, we stopped at Turtle Park across the interstate from the zoo. Massive rock turtles were a hit!


This morning, we took the girls to the park (down the road from us) so Penelope could ride her bike.

_MG_3154_MG_3157image (8)_MG_3165_MG_3176_MG_3177

We just about had the place all to ourselves! Butterflies and these beautiful dragonflies were abundant. Penelope made sure to tell us about each and every  one. :)

Also, after two years (really more in the ballpark of five) of blurry vision, and wearing my husbands contacts, I finally have a vision appointment! Whoop! I really shouldn’t even drive, it’s that  bad… I’ve had contacts since fourth grade, but lately they just haven’t given me a correct prescription, so I stopped going all together. Prayers are appreciated!!

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