We have had rain nearly every day for [at least] a month! Our yard is mud, and we have to mow the moment it stops raining for 24 hours. Our yard is kind of a hot mess, but since it is supposed to begin raining by lunch time, Penelope and I decided to explore and find new things in the yard.


The ground around our peach tree is covered in baby peaches!


Our behemoth mutt bush is now sprouting some kind of berry. Of course Penelope wanted to collect them all, but I told her she cannot collect things that will rot. Have to draw the line somewhere, right? :)

Last month it was covered in honeysuckles. Bees plowed through those quickly! 


We have our very own jungle in a back corner of our yard. Penelope calls it the “Black Forest.”


^  Solid. Gold.  ^


Gnats + eyes = the pits. We scurried in when the gnats and mosquito bites became too much. Hopefully in July the sun will be shining and I will remember to by bug spray!

Also, Zack started his summer job at Lowes today!! Hooray!

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