As much as I enjoy cleaning (I really do!), all of this rain trapping us indoors really wears a girl out. After I cleaned the dishes for the third time today – where do they keep coming from??? – our second rain of the day came a’knockin’. I fought back with some porch time!


Books, a rocking horse, bubbles, and music were on the menu! We should have also been wearing jackets, but I wasn’t in the mood to unpack cold weather items. Too depressing…but HOORAY for our front porch! So grateful we have one.


Our Mimosa trees have leaves again!! I am eager for their ‘Seuss-esk’ flowers to arrive!


Amelia still tears pages in books (and actually ripped my favorite book yesterday…stinker), but she is finally  to the point of sitting and enjoying the whole story. She could listen to fifty books a day – if Mama had the time! Grandma Shari is a pro at reading book after book after book. Too bad you can’t inherit traits from your in-laws!


Oh, Penelope…those limbs of her go on for miles…

We also spent the majority of the afternoon at the neighbor’s house. She is always cooking us the best food, so we paid her back today with homemade biscuits and a jar of our strawberry jam for breakfast.

My parents are coming for the weekend! – and the cherry on top? No rain for he next two days! I’m so excited!

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