We finally finished major projects around the house, and celebrated by having my parents over for the weekend! The girls haven’t had much one on one time with them in the last few months. We even brought Cow out of the coop for a stroll!


The girls received some ‘Thank You books’ in the mail / / Grandma Penny made Amelia laugh – HARD / / We found a sleeping chipmunk at the park – and a crater the perfect size for Penelope to rest.

image (1)

Zack took us out for a treat on Father’s Day. Backwards, I know.


Amelia received her first hair cut. She had something stuck in it that had to be cut out.

She stood still the entire time, and wasn’t a bit curious about what Mama was doin’ with those sharp pointy scissors! She looks like a big girl now…


Amelia has no interest in television, yet I found her watching Daddy Daycare on the iPad, all by herself. It was adorable! 


The girls picked some flowers in the yard, and we decided it was too hot to play outside…

image (2)

…we lasted 25 minutes, before we decided we’d rather find a way to stay cool outside, than stay inside on such a lovely day. :)

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