Last week the girls and I drove to Alabama from St. Louis,  We went to celebrate my Vovo’s 80th birthday! We were able to see a lot of family we don’t get to see often, including my younger brother who lives there.


^  Vovo!  ^

The surprise became less of a surprise, so we had a pre-surprise surprise the day before the party.


We stayed at a friend of a friend’s house for the weekend. It was lovely to have a place for the kids to nap and play between ‘events.’


^  Getting ready for church :)


Uncle Ben was the unofficial babysitter – he was assigned the job more by the kids than the mamas, but we certainly didn’t object!


Oh, devices…

So glad I remembered my chargers. These were used a lot! The iPad in the photo above was off, but still managed to entertain Amelia for quite some time.


We visited my Aunt Mary’s house a few times. Still one of my all time favorite places. They’re really more of grandparents than an aunt and uncle. Hard not to feel at home there. 

We also saw old friends and traveled to Florida – more on than it another post :)

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