Before our trip to the south, we stopped by a friend’s house to work on camera stuff and let the kids play. It is SO nice to have friends with kids the same age!

image (29)image (28)image (27)

(Smirking while she pretends to be sad)

image (26)image (25)image (24)

While we were on vacation, Penelope had a visit to the doctor. She was super silly while we waited. (These were all taken about a second apart from one another!)


Our flower bed behind the deck is growing like crazy. Aside from it needing to be weeded, I am really excited! It hasn’t really done much since we moved it.


We visited Uncle Greg last week and Penelope mastered the zip line. She also came home, and said, “Oh. my. lands.” – Aunt Teresa is the only person I know who says that. Funny how words sink into the minds of kids.


Penelope got a doll house! – she has been asking for one for months  now.


Black Beauty is obsessed with ‘cleaning’ the dishes, attacking stuffed animals, and napping.


We look forward to our time with the chickens. They are getting HUGE! We feed them up to three times a day now.


Penelope helped me pot some plants. Our house was lacking in greenery. I am so grateful for daughters who enjoy dirt as much as they enjoy sparkly dresses. Girls are great!

Happy Monday!

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