Friday we decided to get the girls out of town and try something new. We headed to Springfield for the day with a handful of ideas of [free] places to go. Our first stop was Rutledge Wilson Farm Park. Penelope is really into horses (well, pretty much all farm animals) right now, so I knew this had to be our first destination. It did not disappoint!


They have cages –nice cages- set up throughout the park with corn stalks, sunflowers and other tall greenery, and various birds, such as roosters. Zack’s brain was a’stormin’ with new coop ideas, for sure! They also had tiny garden plots set up with peas, and sorghum.


The goats were actually the sweetest animals there! Zack keeps trying to convince me to get goats. I’m not giving in…holding out for my sheep!


^  HORSES!!!  ^


Streeeeetch, Penelope…


It’s blurry, I know, but I’m in it! :)


Piggies! Okay, closer to “fat hogs”, but they didn’t smell bad. I assumed they would.


They have two long “cow trains” with a hitch, probably for a tractor. This would be a fun ride!! The girls just sat in it and used their imagination.


Amelia was fascinated with the bunnies. She couldn’t stop saying “Awe!” Seriously, she said it until we dragged her away!


They have a tiny sidewalk track and have stocked it with tractor bikes. It’s adorable!


Lovely farm girls.


They also have a playground! If you can’t tell, I highly recommend this place for an outing with the kids!


We took the girls to the Springfield Conservation Nature Center after lunch (at Chipotle’…mmmm…). This place is gorgeous!


This machine was updated in the 90s! Awesome.


There are tons of facts, and ways to explore nature. Even a bird room covered in windows, were you can bird watch. My girls adore birds, it was hard to get them to move on. :)


Another photo of me! (On a roll today!)


Our map enthusiast helped us along the walking trail. Our walk was my favorite part of the nature center.

image (4)

We had friends over Saturday! A rare occurrence for us! We spent all day outside. We went by the state park, fed the fish, had a picnic and played at the playground. Afterwards, we went to the river and played until the girls couldn’t play anymore. “We” caught five crawfish and one minnow. We even saw a few snakes and a bat!

image (5)image (6)image (7)

The other day Penelope bought carrots and apples to feed horses, so after church on Sunday we took the girls out and fed some mules. The closest thing to a horse we could find. :)

I’m trying to enjoy the few days left of summer vacation – not that it feels like one! Any ideas?

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