After too many accidents in the house, somehow getting fleas, and constant begging to go outside, Black Beauty is now an outdoor cat.


He and Maple are friendly with each other – hooray!!  - and he hasn’t explored past the porch in the four days he has been out. Not such a curious cat.


Penelope enjoys “driving pretend.” Usually she goes to the store, but Saturday she switched things up and decided to go to school.

Zack plans on taking each girl on their 14th/15th birthday to the junk yard to pick out a car, then spend the next year or two building it from scratch with them. That way they learn skills and know their car inside and out, incase of an emergency. –oh and appreciate  their car!

Penelope has decided (already at 3 1/2) that she wants a yellow truck. :)

image (31)

Penelope has grown so much since her last birthday! (Amelia has grown just as much since her birthday!) She asked me to mark her new height, squealed and said “I just have to grow a little more, then I will be tall enough to sit with Sadie in the back!”

She is referring to sitting with Sadie (her cousin) in the back seat of our car. She hasn’t seen her cousin in months, and hasn’t sat in the same car as her in several  months.


image (32)

I found an old tiny computer in a box, and decided to make it - 123 (Penelope told me I need to type 123 because she is 3.) – anyway,  I decided to make it Penelope’s computer. She plays PBS games on it. :)


This is Zack watching his ladies – so much love in the smoldering hot face of his! Hubba hubba!

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