One of Penelope’s chores is to (occasionally) hand wash the girl’s dishes. I love finding things she has left behind. I used to keep little toys, like this dinosaur, up on our tiny windowsill so I could put them away later. I believe it is where she thinks they belong. I can’t have too many little reminders of them in my life!


This was either Amelia or Zack. Penelope and I couldn’t figure it out, but since my camera was in this pile, I’m going to say this was Amelia’s doing. 20 or so stuffed animals, three books, two sippy cups, and one camera. I guess she wanted company and activities for her nap…


A horse with style. This horse often wears scarves and the girls hats, but this was a new one. I think it suits him.


Poor Noah fell out of the bed and he can’t get up.


Discarded sunnies. A clean table doesn’t stay clean for long. When the girls move out (you know, in their forties) I’m going to have to spread their stuff around the house now and then. It’s like a hug just when you need some love, but didn’t expect to receive it.


This has Amelia written all  over it. She probably got ready to go somewhere, realized we weren’t leaving and sat down for a good read.


Sooooo,  Amelia found a Sharpie. Then she found my desk made of bare wood and went to town.


Barbie was invited to lunch and stayed for supper. :)

I love these ladies so stinkin’ much!

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