It has been, and will be, raining every day. There are breaks full of sunshine throughout the day and we stop whatever we’re doing and run  for the door. Sunday morning after Bible lessons, getting manicures from mom, an hour and a half of crafts and gloomy skies, the sun came out. I grabbed a jar, they grabbed their boots, and we went outside!


Our yard is really starting to look like fall. The leaves surrounding the coop were yellow for a couple weeks, and are now brown and crunchy. Makes the coop look cozy.


Upset that she can’t find a feather for her jar. We eventually did, and she couldn’t have been happier.


Ivy was on the “wrong” side of the fence. (Her actual yard…)


Amelia asks for a ponytail first thing every morning. f.i.r.s.t. t.h.i.n.g.


“Hold my jar, mom. I need to run.”

“Yes ma’am!!”


When Black Beauty shows up nothing else matters. The girls automatically talk as you would to a baby.

“Awe, wook at the wittle kitteeee. She’s so cute!”

They “Awe” in unison, ya’ll.


^  Yard goodies  ^

School officially starts back Monday! We have six birthdays in our family, and two holidays in the fall! It is our busiest season between events and school. We’re usually in St. Louis every other weekend from the first weekend in September through the last weekend in November, but we may not be up for that this year! Gas and parenthood aren’t getting any cheaper!

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