A couple weeks ago, Zack’s beloved truck started smoking on his way home from work. No bueno. He left it by the school (in town), and we received photos of students “fixing it,” and phone calls from everyone we know in town asking if he needed help. We live in an amazing town!! a.m.a.z.i.n.g. I can’t stress that enough. Sadly, it is still sitting in the garage – but we are grateful it made it home, and didn’t start smoking until he pulled in the driveway. He has barely been home in weeks, but his schedule is slowing down (a teensy bit) soon, and hopefully this beauty will be up and running in no time!


One morning while I was cleaning I walked by the table and saw that someone had grabbed the stool, brought it to the kitchen, found the animal crackers, grabbed the large bag of crackers, put the bag back neatly, and sorted them into old yogurt cups I didn’t know we had. I’m still confused about the who – when – why of this situation, but I find it completely adorable!


Penelope went shopping in the pantry. :) I could stop there and that would be enough to make me chuckle, but I’ll go ahead and let you know what she ‘bought for her baby.’





- I bet her baby had a tummy ache later…


Zack had scrap paper that was torn a bit, from school, so he brought it home for the girls. I put a few of the pieces on the walls, and one on the table. They would occasionally (over several days) color on them. It was such a fun relaxing way to spend a half hour here and there. A week and a half after they arrived, they are covered in illustrations! I love  it! They will be on our walls until the tape gives way. We don’t believe in too much art work on the walls. Not in this house!!

We have been making BIG changes to the house! I hope to show you some of it on here soon, we’d just like some family to see it in person first. I am really excited about how much I’ve been able to get done in a week! The girls really bonded to a new level while Mommy was busy. I heard Penelope tell Amelia while they were playing, “Hang on Amelia, I’m busy! I’m busy, Amelia.” Made me realize I have told her that way  too much this week. I am trying to make up for it by letting her help me from now on.

Tomorrow is Zack’s official last day working at Lowes, and after working two jobs each day this week, he needs a break. So we’re taking a trip to see his mom, and he is going to a concert this weekend. I am completely over being alone all the time, and we will certainly be stoked to have him here starting next week!!

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