The other day Penelope asked to play a game, so I found Blokus in the back of the closet. (It is a kind of manual group Tetris) It has been so entertaining for the girls and great for problem solving. I have enjoyed watching Penelope fit the pieces together in different ways!


We had some friends (from our high school days!!) come over, Monday. They have such a precious daughter. Amelia is not fond of other kids. Stinker. When I have nursery duty at church I am “not allowed” to play, look at, or help any other kids. I must hold her at all times.


Zack had his weekly Bible study with friends / fellow teachers. Instead of having our traditional movie night in Mommy’s room, we spent two hours in Daddy’s classroom! I made sure they had plenty to do so boredom wouldn’t set in. We began our time testing out glazes on some bowls Penelope made on a date with Zack months ago.

Running around the tables was how they spent a good chunk of the time, playing with Playdoh that Penelope brought along was a good part of the other half.


“Mommy can we take silly pictures on you phone?” – we took about twenty! / After Amelia gets dressed, she runs to pick out jewelry to go with her outfit and then runs back to the wall we take photos on. Glad these girls don’t mind their mamarazzi! /  Penelope is testing her lanky legs, and now climbs on everything in sight / We found a butterfly in our car. Penelope wanted to put it in her treasure box, but I made her settle for a jar on a shelf. / Amelia has become completely independent on our swing set. She is so proud :) / We have been working on a lot of projects around the house. Penelope has been such a good helper!


I found a box of toys in the garage. Its Christmas early at the Rogers’ house!


Does anyone know how to play with a paddle ball successfully?


Our last watermelon of summer. SO GOOD!


Babies and mugs. Adorable! She looked at me as if to say, “Really???? Are you sure? Do you realize who you’re giving this ‘big girl cup’ to?”

It has been a nice week of cleaning, the Muppets, and all of the above. I will be getting school lessons together this week and we will begin school at home next week. The following week, Penelope will begin preschool for two days a week. I really enjoy this type of busy!!

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  1. Yeeeeeaaaaahy! <3 we gots featured in Mae and Rae! I feel the honor! It's was so nice coming out and thank you a million for the ADORABLE clothes,my mother in law and I had a blast frolicking through them. :)


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