Grape and Fall Festival


This past weekend was our town’s Grape and Fall festival (It’s a town popular for its winery – if you were wondering about the grape portion of the festival. They even have a grape stomping contest!) Do to plans changing, Zack having to work, and plans changing back, we were only able to attend the parade. No booths, food, bounce house, carnival, etc. I was bummed. At least I got to smell  the BBQ while we watched the parade…

The parade however was great! We stood by some new faces and had funny conversations. The girls got dolled up and bundled up. It was overcast, with occasional drops, so of course  we couldn’t leave the boots and ‘brella at home!

I counted four marching bands, five or six fire trucks, a ton of veterans (Our town is also the home of the Missouri veteran’s retirement home – but there were plenty of young veterans too), four floats with “princesses” on them, and bags and bags of candy, toys, and beaded necklaces. Penelope used her hat as a bag, because I didn’t think to bring one. We divvied up the loot into bags for them to share with their cousins later in the day.

“Hi Mr. Rogers!!” was shouted by so many kids, from kids we walked passed on the sidewalk to kids across the street and down the road, and kids on floats. It was adorable.

Next year I am enjoying every bit of the festival!

-Also I am SO SO SO glad Autumn came so easily this year!!  I. L O V E. I T ! !

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